Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Week 2 - More Tethering

Dot and Dash playing Tug with a new toy at Christmas
Peggy said that it would probably get worse before it got better.  She was right.  Dash does NOT want Dot around and will take any opportunity to attack - but only when Meredith and I are home with them.  Alone, they behave themselves.  I am keeping Dash tethered to me at all times and am also taking her for long walks (to tire her out).

I think that Dash would like to play with Jack, but doesn't know how to go about it.  Dash loves to play chase, but Jack is very hesitant (with good reason) to engage in  a game where the excitement level gets Dash too ramped up and over reacts.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Week 1 - Tethering

On Sunday, Meredith and I met with Peggy and talked about our situation and learned about tethering.  It's been working.  The dogs are calmer and learning that if they want attention they need to sit or lay quietly.  Monday morning, Dash came in the bathroom and sat in front of the toilet and wanted to be petted.  Meredith is really good at ignoring the dogs until they sit or lay down and will catch me at "reacting".  She'll tell me "Mom, that's a reaction".

Last night, Tuesday, as we were getting ready for bed, Dot and Dash had a fight in the hallway.  I'm not sure what started it, but Dot ended up with an injured leg.  I wrapped up her leg and gave her some pain medication (left over from the last time).  One of the downsides to terriers is that they NEVER give up, and won't back down.  I'm going to have to keep Dash tethered at all times.

An Introduction

Dot, Dash and Jack
Today we started another chapter in reorganizing our life.  I am Susan.  I live with my husband Jim and daughter, Meredith.  Jim and I work for the USEPA in Region 5 (Chicago).  My daughter is a 7th grader and national champion freestyle roller skater!  We have 3 dogs.  We've had Dot, or Foxchase Peridot, since she was a 8 week old puppy.  Dash, aka "The Princess of Trash" arrived via the West Suburban Animal Shelter.  Dash arrived at the shelter after being purchased from a local puppy store as a gift for someone who didn't want her.  She spent the next 4-5 months in puppy foster care being socialized and potty trained.  Jack arrived last December as a companion for my daughter.  Jack (Jumping Jack Flash) is a 4 year old rescue poodle.  He was previously owned by an older woman who has since become bed-ridden. 

We've had a lot of changes in our life in the past year as my Mother, who lived with us, died of esophageal cancer in late December. I was off of work for 9 months to take care of her and work on getting creating our "new normal".  The humans have mostly adjusted to the new normal, but the canines are still adjusting.  We've had some aggression issues with Dash attacking Dot (her favorite target) and Jack (secondary target).  We've had blood spilled - both human (trying to stop a fight) and canine.  That's when we called Peggy.