Monday, June 18, 2012

A Weekend Away with the Dogs

Jack, sitting calmly.
We just returned from a weekend away to celebrate Fathers Day.  We went to Galena Cabins, a dog friendly cabin.  Dogs and humans had a good time.  They are all good travelers and like being in the car.  They all liked being outside and going for walks in new territory.  Dash enjoyed the smells of the country.  She had her nose in the vent, inhaling the fine odors of manure and skunk.  She was probably hoping to get out and roll in something really smelly.

We are continuing to have aggression problems with Dot and Dash.  Though I have seen blocks of time where they were all quiet and living nicely together.  Could use a lot more of it.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Tethering during Construction

Dot, Sleeping in Jack's bed.  Dot loves to hang her head over
something when she sleeps
Last week was a busy, eventful week.  We had a contractor in to replace some flooring.  I had originally planned to board the dogs, but Meredith offered to wrangle the dogs (for a fee, of course).  Besides, Dot needed some bandage changes on her bite wounds from the last time Dash got her.  The dogs were either confined in a bedroom or tethered most of last week.

Dash is still going after Dot when the excitement level is high.