Thursday, July 26, 2012

Road Trip

Dot, freshly groomed and lounging at the hotel
We are in Lincoln, NE, for the Artistic Roller Skating Nationals.  My daughter Meredith is competing in singles and pairs events.  Photos are here if you're interested.  It is HOT!  Temperatures have been well over 100. On Monday, our car thermometer said 109!  Actual temp was around 106.

Dot is with up on this trip.  We had intended to take Dash, as she is easier to travel with, however, Dot's blood sugar dropped to around 40 and we wanted to monitor her sugar levels.  Dash and Jack are at the kennel and Dot is with us.  She's having a great time being an only dog.  I've had an opportunity to work with her on heeling and the touch game.  She's doing well with both.  I will try to post a video later.

Jim and Dot have been staying at the hotel, as it's too hot at the "Icebox" practice rink.  It really should be named the "Oven" as it's not air conditioned.  Otherwise we've been in and out of the room, but mostly, someone is here.  Dot loves the attention and is being very good.   

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dash and the Touch Game

Dash LOVES to play this game.

The Touch Game

Dot, does not like to work.
We had a really good training session last week. All three dogs did well. Jack is very good. Very smart and very trainable. Dash, a terrier, keeps testing me, but is doing well. Dot, is not all that interested. She is quite happy to not have to pay attention and do whatever she wants. Of course, this is our biggest problem. Dash gets really annoyed with Dot and a fight starts.

Dash is our star at the touch game. She really likes it. It's almost as fun as playing in water. Dot tries hard, but it's not an easy game for a blind dog. Jack, goes along with the game, but isn't that inspired.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Jumping Jack Flash

Came home find Jack waiting for us in the kitchen. In the Kitchen window that separates the Kitchen from the office. He'd climbed up on the office desk, onto a shelf and then on the window ledge. He was quite pleased with himself.